How to Prep Meat for Cooking

So, you’re getting ready to prep some meat for a family dinner, weekend tailgate, or neighborhood grill out, eh? Putting your cooking skills to good use and creating incredible food for your friends and family is sure to be a good time.

Before you get too caught up in anticipation of delicious and tender meats cooked to perfection, however, it’s important to take the time to make sure your meats are properly prepared for the safety of all involved.

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The Importance of Proper Meat Prep
Raw meat of multiple different types can develop bacteria and cause foodborne illnesses when improperly stored or prepared. Your meat will likely spoil faster if you don’t store it correctly. Make sure you follow all manufacturer guidelines when it comes to storing raw meat and handling it during the preparation stage.

Raw Meat Safety Tips
If your meat is frozen, thaw it in the fridge or at a reduced heat setting in the microwave. Never leave frozen meat out on the counter to thaw. Wash your hands and all tools you’ll be using to prep the meat in hot, soapy water before you begin. Make sure your meat is kept away from other food items while still raw, and prepare it on a separate cutting board for optimal safety. Once it has reached the proper internal temperature, you can prepare meat alongside other foods.

Prepping Different Types of Meat
Now that you have some basic tips for safe meat prep, it’s time to dive into a few specific types of meat and their individual needs when it comes to preparing them safely and properly. A well-organized prep stage will not only ensure a safe and clean food prep environment but also guarantee a more delicious result.

There are so many distinctive types and flavors of bratwurst to suit different tastes and preferences. But when it comes to cooking brats, we’re pretty particular. Check out our recent article on how to perfectly grill brats using the Sheboygan Brat Bath!

If you’re preparing specialty beef patties, make sure to handle them as little as possible while adding seasonings. This will preserve tenderness. Keep heat at a medium temperature while cooking on the grill, and don’t press the meat with a spatula — that will release the delicious juices you want to preserve. For steak, let it sit outside the fridge for around 30 minutes while the grill heats. Trim any excess fat. When steak heats from room temperature instead of chilled, it cooks faster and keeps more tenderness and flavor.

Make sure to plan brine or marinating time into your pork prep. This will keep the fat moist while cooking. Dry rubs are a great way to enhance the natural flavor of the meat. In general, don’t let your pork reach an internal temperature higher than 160° F to preserve optimal juiciness.

Raw poultry should be stored at the bottom of the fridge where it can’t drip onto any other items. Always wash your hands and your prep station thoroughly before and after handling raw poultry. Like pork, poultry can benefit from brining or marinating beforehand to keep the flavors well-preserved and even enhanced.

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