Perfecting the Holiday Ham: A Guide

The holidays are approaching fast, and it’s time to prepare some of your favorite dishes. Though the fall and winter holidays have some of the most memorable food, many beloved traditional dishes take several steps to prepare and can be tricky to get just right.

Are you ready to knock your holiday meals out of the park this year? Start with a dish that you’ll find on just about every table this season (and one of our personal favorites): the holiday ham.

Choosing the Perfect Ham
Before you begin preparing your holiday ham, you must start by purchasing the right one. Keep in mind how many guests you’re expecting for your holiday meal so that you don’t end up with a ham that is too big or too small.

For every five guests, we recommend 1 2/3 pounds of our boneless hams and 2 ½ pounds of our bone-in hams.

Once you’ve determined how much ham you’ll need to feed your hungry guests, the quality of the ham should be your next priority. Luckily, you can’t go wrong with a holiday ham from Miesfeld’s Triangle Market, where you can count on fresh and delicious meat every time.

Miesfeld’s award-winning ham is always hand-trimmed, and each one undergoes a 24-hour process of curing, smoking, and cooling to ensure perfect flavor. Check out all we have to offer for your next large gathering.

Holiday Ham Preparation: Top Tips from Miesfeld’s
To make sure your Miesfeld’s gourmet ham is cooked to perfection, add between a quarter inch and half an inch of water to a large baking pan while your oven is preheating to 350 degrees. Plan to cook the ham between eight and ten minutes per pound or until it reaches an internal temperature of 140 degrees.

Want to add some special flavor? Check out our easy-to-make ham glazes for a delectable flavor. Holiday feast planning can be stressful, especially when left to the last minute. Don’t wait; contact us to order your holiday ham from Miesfeld’s today!


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