Expert Tips for Your Best Winter Grilling Season

It's that time of year again: the smell of a deliciously smoky meal drifts through the winter air, getting everyone's mouths watering. We're talking about the winter grilling season and the superior meat products you can get delivered straight from Miesfeld's online meat market.

No one should be deprived of juicy and enticing grilled foods just because the temperatures are south of freezing. You can still have fun and make delicious grilled meals even during the harshest winter weather, but it takes a slight adjustment.

If you want to be everyone’s favorite grillmaster this season, start by pre-ordering Miesfeld’s pre-sliced ham — a staple for anyone’s holiday table — and when that’s done, order some of our popular specialty patties and fire up the grill!

4 Hot Tips for Cold-Weather Grilling Success

Wisconsinites often never let cold temperatures stop them from cooking outdoors. Still, snow and sub-zero temperatures could prove a bit much, preventing you from getting the same delicious grilled and smoked meats you enjoy the rest of the year.

With that in mind, here are a few tips from Miesfeld's meat market that can keep you and your grill pumping out juicy bratwursts and tender steaks all winter long:

1. Prep Your Grill and Grilling Station

The first step for winter grilling is to bring your grill as close to the house as possible. Keep it at least 10 feet away from all combustible materials, and do not put it in the garage, under a raised deck, or on a covered patio.

Second, we know you always clean your grill, but keeping those grates sparkling clean in the winter is even more important. Stuck-on food particles can prevent free airflow around your food, leading to longer cooking times and dried-out meat.

Last but not least, on the preparation to-do list, stock up on extra propane, charcoal, and salt. Colder outdoor temperatures could require more fuel than usual, and keeping a bucket of salt near the grill is ideal if you need to de-ice your workspace.

2. Time It Right

When you buy meat online from Miesfields, you know you’re in for a great meal, but poor timing can ruin even the highest-quality steaks and burgers. When it’s cold outside, factor in extra time for preheating. It could take up to ten minutes longer for your grill to reach proper cooking temperatures.

Cooking times can also be affected by consistently checking in on your progress. Avoid opening the lid and letting icy temperatures slow down cooking time by investing in a wireless meat thermometer that allows you to keep the lid closed and still check on internal temperatures.

3. Spice Things Up

Winter temperatures require something extra to stay warm and cozy, which means now is the perfect time to add a variety of spicy, flavorful marinades and rubs to your grilling recipes.

Low and slow is typically the way to build flavor when cooking outdoors, but when the snow is falling fast, quicker grill methods are the way to go, and marinades add extra flavor without forcing you to risk freezing your fingers off.

4. Cook With Indirect Heat

Overcooking is meat’s worst enemy, so when grilling in cold weather, turn off one side of the grill or create a two-zone setup and place the meat on the cool side. It may seem counterintuitive, but indirect heating will help prevent overcooking.

Visit Miesfeld’s Meat Market in Person or Online

Of course, the best tip for excellent winter grilling is to start with great products from Miesfeld's. In addition to our usual array of mouthwatering smoked meats and flavorful local cheeses, you’ll also find plenty of local offerings perfect to pair with your dish.

Visit Miesfeld’s Triangle Market in person, or check out our online meat market today. We’ll do our best to keep you grilling all winter long — consider it our gift to you!


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