How to Grill the Perfect Miesfeld's Brat

How to Grill the Perfect Miesfeld's Brat


Thank you for purchasing Miesfeld’s Grand Champion Bratwurst. We use only the freshest pork and all natural spices. Our brats have also won many awards including first in Wisconsin and second in the entire nation. Properly cooking a bratwurst is very important. By cooking it properly, the flavor and succulent juices can be savored. Here is the proper way to cook a Miesfeld’s bratwurst.

Charcoal grilling is by far the best. We suggest using briquettes over hardwood charcoal. Hardwood charcoal burns too hot for bratwurst. Start your fire (briquettes) and let them burn down to a grey looking coals. While you are waiting for the coals to burn down soak your bratwurst in COLD water for 5-7 minutes. This makes the casing more pliable and reduces breakage.

Gently lay the brats on the clean hot grate, turning them often. Do not allow flames to flare up, control this by using a spray bottle or lightly dousing the flames with water. A fire that is too hot will split the casing and you will lose the vital juices of the brat. Brats only take 7-8 minutes to fully cook. Over cooking them reduces the flavor also. They will be firm in the middle when gently squeezed with the tongs. We suggest testing them the old fashioned way by breaking one in half and checking the inside to be sure it is not raw. The internal temperature should be 160º. (Be sure to eat any fully cooked brats you have broken – eliminating the evidence that you are not a master griller of brats.)

The Sheboygan tradition is to put the finished brats in a bath of ¼ stick of melted butter, 2 cans of beer, and 1 large sliced onion if you are not eating them right away. You are only keeping them warm so keep the heat on low! Too many times people think this is how you actually cook them, this defies the brat cooking rule (at least in the brat capitol of the world – Sheboygan). If you follow these simple instructions you will have successfully grilled the world’s greatest bratwurst!

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