Game Processing


$1.00 per lb. ($10 minimum if under 10 lbs.)

50% Pork Trim Added is $1.99 per lb.

Lean Pork Trim Added is $2.89 per lb.

Lean Beef Added is $3.79 per lb.

Beef Suet is $2.99 per lb.

NOTE: Your fresh venison will be available to be picked up within 5 days of our contact. If it becomes necessary for us to freeze your venison, it will be frozen as is; we will not separate or wrap it for freezing. Additional charges for storage will apply.

Wild Game Sausages

Product packaging below includes FREE vacuum sealing.

Product + Price

Summer Sausage (Garlic) $3.69 lb

Summer Sausage (Plain) $3.69 lb

Pepper Jack Summer $4.39 lb

Snack Stix $4.99 lb

Hot Snack Stix $4.99 lb

Cheese Snack Stix $5.59 lb

Jalapeno Cheddar Stix $5.99 lb

Ring Bologna $3.69 lb

Wieners $4.49 lb

Bacon $4.24 lb

Jerky $5.29 lb

Smoked Polish Sausage $4.29 lb

Bratwurst Links $3.59 lb

Bulk Brat $3.09 lb

Italian Bratwurst $3.99 lb

Breakfast Sausage $4.39 lb

Beer, Butter & Onion Bratwurst $4.89 lb

**Brat Patties (Boxes of 48 pcs only) $39 per box

**Pepper Jack Brat Patties (Boxes of 48 pcs only) $45 per box

**Pot Pies (2 lbs meat = 3 pot pies) $7.50 ea

** Product packaging does not include FREE vacuum sealing.

Quality Guidelines

All trim brought in for sausage products must meet our quality standards. Trim must be fresh or fresh frozen, be in a clear plastic bag, free from bones, hair, blood clots, excessive fat, and foreign objects including arrows or bullets. Frozen meat must not have freezer burn. Meat will be inspected for quality of freshness and condition. We reserve the right to refuse wild game meat due to non-compliance with our quality guidelines.

Product / Total Yield (from 10 lbs of venison) / Quantity

Summer Sausage / 15 lbs / 1.5 lbs per sausage

All snack stix / 15 lbs / 8 sticks per lb

Jerky / 5 lbs / 15 pieces per lb

All Bratwurst / 25 lbs / 4 Brats per lb

Ground Bratwurst / 25 lbs / ground only (no casings)

Ring Bologna / 20 lbs / 1.5 lbs per ring

Wieners / 20 lbs / 8 per lb

Breakfast sausage / 25 lbs / 14 links per lb

Bacon / 20 lbs / 12 slices per lb

Polish sausage / 20 lbs / 4 sausages per lb

Bratwurst Patties (5 lbs venison) / 12 lbs / 4 per pound (48 per box)

Pepper Jack Patties (4 lbs venison) / 12 lbs / 4 per pound (48 per box)

We also make Duck, Goose, and Pheasant Sausage Products as well as process Bear, Elk, Moose, Antelope, and Wild Boar. Please call and request Tracy for details.

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