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Grill Tips

Miesfeld’s Brats on the GrillBratwurst

We use only the freshest pork and all natural spices. Our brats have also won many awards including first in Wisconsin and second in the entire nation. Cooking a bratwurst is very important. By cooking it properly, the flavor and succulent juices can be savored. The best way to cook a Miesfeld’s bratwurst is listed below.

Charcoal grilling is by far the best. We suggest using briquettes over hardwood charcoal. The hardwood charcoal burns to hot for bratwurst. Start your fire (briquettes) and let them burn down to a gray looking coal. Prior to this, you should soak the brats in COLD water for about 5- minutes. This makes the casing more pliable and will reduce breakage.

Put the Brats on the grate, turning them often. Do not allow fire or flare ups. Control this with a slight dowsing of water. A fire that is too hot will split the casing and you will lose all the vital juices in the brat. Brats only take about 7-8 minutes to get fully cooked. Over cooking them will reduce the flavor. AFTER they are grilled, if you don’t serve them right away and you want to keep them warm, the best way is to mix up the brine to put them in. Use ¼ stick of butter, 2 cans of beer, and 1 large onion sliced. Put this on the stove and heat so all the ingredients melt together. Place the brats in this brine to keep them warm. This is only to keep them warm, so keep the heat LOW. Too many times people think this is how you actually cook them. This defies the how to cook brats rules (at least in the brat capitol of the world.. Sheboygan) If you follow these simple instructions, you will have successfully grilled the world’s greatest BRATWURST.

The Big Thaw
To thaw frozen brats, place in room temp tap water for 25 minutes.

Brat Hot Tub
To keep bratwurst warm for late-arriving guests, make a brat hot tub. Grab a tinfoil pan. Add a few beers, a quartered onion and 1/2 stick of butter. Place the pan on the grill, and when the brats are done cooking, add them to it.

Never Puncture a Brat
To keep all the juicy flavor in, only use tongs to handle your brats. That means no forks, no scissors or anything else puncture the casing.

Are they done yet?
To see if your bratwurst are done, squeeze them with your tongs. If they’re firm and the internal temperature is 180′ Fahrenheit and they’re ready!

Don’t drown out the taste.
Unlike hot dogs, bratwurst are already full of flavor so don’t drown the taste with too many condiments.